...so close

What's going on y'all. Just checking in again. If you are seeing this then by now the site should be almost completely launched,  products fully available and what not. Hopefully you are enjoying these products as we have put a lot of work in on them but we are not tied to the idea that these things can not be improved.  That's where you come in! Please please please! Feel free to.comtact us, DM us on Instagram,  leave reviews, whatever! Let us know how your experience is with purchasing,  how the material is with the leggings and other items, we are thoroughly invested in providing the best service we can to all of our customers and people who support our company.  Plus we just get lonely and want you guys to talk to us sometimes 😥😥 Hit us up and follow us on the gram, Tik Toks, Facebook..@legionxsports on all platforms  


We are getting super close to the launch of the site..and honestly we are not expecting much. We are exciting for everyone to see what we have been working on, but we are not overwhelmed with the idea of selling a bunch of things right off. We are more in to putting out good content. We want you guys to have a good experience dealing with us in anyway, shape, or form that you do. If you decided to buy a hoodie in the midst of that though...thatd be pretty kool too. 😅 

We just want to keep.pushing forreal. Keep making things, keep making people better. That's what we are hyped about. We want to continue to build..and we want you guys with us. This is just the beginning to be honest 

What are some things you guys are interested In or are looking forward to in the short term,(2-3 months)





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