Where Can You Find Legion?!

We are in the age of social media. We're also experiencing a pandemic, causing us to be cooped up in the house all day and away from the gym.

This is a great time to reach out to us and find out what we're all about. If you still have questions after reviewing the website, you can always reach out to us on both Instagram and now Twitter!

Follow us and take a look at the content we've been posting. Stay up to date on merchandise, giveaways, and workout tips! Psst - we will be having our first giveaway on our twitter account over the weekend, you will not want to miss it!

Instagram - @legionxsports

Twitter - @legionxsports

Let us know how we're doing and let us know what you'd like to see more of!
Let us know if you need help during this time and we'll do our best to cater to you! That's what we're here for, to uplift and support those who support us!


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