Legion Sports



Legion Sports is an Athlete Development and Personal Training company based out of the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia). We started this company in September of 2019, after recognizing a huge shortage of athletic participation in our local town of Waldorf Maryland. We decided something needed to be done about this, so we sprung into action. Our theory was that there were not enough services that provided the youth with an opportunity to better themselves, nor a space for them to go to to perfect their craft. Furthermore, in terms of the overall community, we thought it best to use our knowledge to empower as many people as possible. We believe that the more confident, and healthy individuals there are, the overall better human experience for others. "Always look to be the best version of yourself." Young or old, we look to use our many years of training experience to help empower the many people we encounter.  We're here to motivate & guide people to their goals. We exist to be the support system when no one else is there. Reigniting the fire in this community as well as the surrounding areas has been our life's work. We work too so that this 'fire' may spread around the world, creating a better future for tomorrow.