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Athletes Performance Package

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Are you an athlete? Do you have an athlete  and want to give them the best chance to succeed in their respective sport? If so, The "Athletes Performance" Package is just for you. This is a package we designed specifically to help athletes of all sports perform at their very best. Our programs focus on varying athletic components needed to produce top level performances. Things like: Power Development, Speed Development, Absolute Strength, Balance, Mobility, Jump Height, and Injury Prevention, are all aspects we cover in this program. At the end of the time period you or your athlete will be a more efficient performer on the field, court, pool, wherever. Our motto is to "Dominate, don't Compete." This program gives athletes to tools to do that. 

This package includes:

  • Up to (4,6,8,10) Sessions per month of sport specific strength and speed training (Sessions do not roll over month to month)
  • A 4- Week Workout Plan (for the athlete to do on his/her off days)
  • (3) Check-ins (Call, Text, or Email, based on clients preference. If minors we will check with parents first.)
  • May bring a friend for FREE once a week