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Beginners Journey Package

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Just getting started? That's ok. Take it slow with our brand new, "Beginners Journey Package." Designed for the man or woman looking to build the foundations of being in shape. As a part of this package we teach our clients workouts, work on increasing flexibility, strengthening our posture and evolving our durability. This will prep us for future fat loss and muscle gain while taking preventive measures against potential injuries. If you are someone new and needs a little push, this is the package for you. 


  • Up to 6 Sessions a month (These do not roll over month to month)
  • Our Nutritional Program (A focused diet that allows you some flexibility, whilst still attacking your goals.)
  • 2 "Check Ins" a month (We call, email, or text based on your preference, and keep you accountable while on your new journey. We won't abandon you. We are in this togethor.)