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Fitness Journey Package

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So you've accomplished the "Beginners Journey" Package, and you've had some success. Now you are starting to enjoy the process, more and more each day. But maybe you've hit a wall? No worries, the "Fitness Journey Package" has already accounted for that. Plateus are very normal, and a lack of motivation may occur because of it. This is completely  normal, and almost every one experiences it at some point. No need to worry, we will get you back on track. This package will continue to build upon the knowledge acquired in the previous package, and will begin the process of empowering your new levels of fitness. 

This package includes:

  • Up to 8 Sessions a month (these sessions do not roll over month to month)
  • A Nutritional Program 
  • A (3 Week) Workout Plan (For you to do at home when you can't make it in)
  • (2) Check ins (Call, text, or email. Whatever is convenient for you)